Evan Nathan

TEDxJakarta Volunteer
Jakarta, Indonesia

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psychology, Photography , Travelling

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Junior College student. Photography student. Travel junkie, travelled 15 countries. Football geek. Admiring psychology. Eager to help ADHD communities.

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International affairs, leadership, human society, gender inequality, feminism, prejudice and stereotyping, photography, football, travelling, university admission, high school life, Christianity

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Public speaking, piano, persuading, anger management. Coping with psychological disorder. Time management, academic performance analysis.

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Evan Nathan
Posted about 1 year ago
Has school lost its function ?
It is true indeed schools have served its other purpose such as bridging people and building communities across students however what we should realize that school's primary function is to provide education. And the education system that is embodied in various formal education institutions does not prepare its students to be able readily face the global, challenging world.