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Kenny Ho
Posted almost 2 years ago
To what extent do the ends justify the means?
Phenomenologically speaking, any means is but a series of ends. Suppose for state of the universe A(end), one must go through A1, A2, A3,....A(end-1), where A1, A2, A3,....A(end-1) represent the current state universe at each infinitely small point in time. The original questions can now be rephrased as to what extent A(end) justify {A1, A2, A3,.....A(end-1)}. Now the tricky part is in the word 'justify'. If justify is used in the sense of giving reason or validation, then A(end) always justifies {A1, A2, A3,....A(end-1)}. But if justify is used in the sense of giving justice, then this becomes a moral question which can have limitless number of answers in a pluralistic society.