Linus Landergren

Skagerak Intl' Student, Archery Sandefjord
Sandefjord, Norway

About Linus


I love to know if we could actually want to make a Hyper Jump system like they have in Star Trek. It would bring science to a hole new understanding we could explore the universe find new life maybe even find something special like something that lives without cells?...NASA Scientist are already speculating about the fact that we can actually make Hyper Jump, but then we would have to know how to take and store antimatter safely in a super air sealed environment. Then after that we would need to know how we would release that safely so that we could go into "Hyper Jump". So that is basically what I would LOVE to make, catching antimatter would bring us to a hole new understanding of how the universe works.


English, Norwegian, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Maths, Tech, Theory of Everything, Gaming, Prop Making, Star Citizen, science

I'm passionate about

Science and History in general.


Yale, Skagerak School, Harvord

Talk to me about

Cell theory, Tech, Gaming, Cosplay, Prop Making, History, Geography, Antimatter, Hyper Travel, Star Citizen.

People don't know I'm good at

Tech, Gaming, Maths, Geography and History.

My TED story

I joined TED, because of my awesome Science teacher Mr.Decelles. He gave TED-Ed as homework and I instantly become in love with it.

Favorite talks