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Redesigning government for the people, by the people, and of the people. Corporations are not people, they are economic associations of one or more people. They should have no extra influence in or on government because of their associations. Government should not be involved in defining, regulating, or taxing any form of association created by consenting adults to facilitate a common objective that does not violate the rights of any other. As government is of the people it should start from the bottom with the people. The entire election process needs to be discarded completely and replaced with a random selection process from a pool of community volunteers. Volunteers serve as proxies for their community, they can be recalled by the community that selected them at anytime to be replaced by another randomly selected volunteer. A collection of communities could then form a city, cities can form counties, which in turn form states and so forth. Read more about my ideas on my blog.

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Freedom, Peace, Prosperity, and all things dodecahedral.

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Logan Quinn
Posted almost 2 years ago
Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim
Relying on corrupt members of a corrupt system to uncorrupt itself? I have very little faith in that possibility ever coming true. If the people want to reclaim their republic, then it has to start at the neighborhood level. 1) Form a neighborhood or block association, the main purpose of this association is manage block patrols, block clean-up, assisting elderly and less abled neighbors, or tend a community garden (all kinds of things neighbors could do to help each other and otherwise create a community). Randomly select a volunteer "Block Captain" from the block's adult population (who volunteer to toss their names in the hat) to serve as Liaison with the current city police force and city council. 2) Once every Block in a neighborhood has selected a "Block Captain", form a Block Captain Council comprising of all the Block Captains. They would meet once a week to discuss neighborhood wide issues and mediate issues arising between neighboring block associations. From amongst this council of captains one would be selected at random to represent the neighborhood council as liaison with their City Council member. 3) Once an entire city has these selected these volunteer representatives the people of the city might choose to save some money and replace the politically elected city council members (with their salaries and kick backs) with the volunteers. They would meet once a week to discuss City wide issues and mediate issues arising between neighborhood associations. This council would also meet only once a week, two days after the neighborhood councils meet, and from their number a mayor would be randomly selected to represent the city and act as liaison with the county commission. 4) Eventually we'll be able to replace these elected county government officials with selected volunteers. And this system just keeps scaling up to the state and federal level where each county commission selects a member to be representative in the State legislator, and so on...