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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Idea & Creative Development, writing - creative, non-profits, cultural criticism

An idea worth spreading

Personally, I don't hate anyone. I don't hold any grudges. I am this way because every single time another human being does or say something harmful to it, I rationalize his actions.

Why did he say that? Why did she do that? At the end of the day, I may not agree with them but I could understand why. By viewing other people for what they are, human beings, I couldn't hold any negative emotions against them. As I have learned to let go of my own hatred, I wish for others to learn the same thing.

There is so much hatred in this world due to blind hatred and lack of empathy. It's easy to be apathetic. It's convenient to generalize and be prejudiced. If all of us could sit down, have a chat, share our lives with each other, show how we're not too different after all, I'm sure the world could be a better place.

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about empathy, compassion, humanity and idealism. While the world have adopted an apathetic stand on most issues, I believe that worldwide unity is possible despite of our differences.

Talk to me about

Anything. I believe that everyone, including those who are introvert and shy, is like a story book and each of us have our own stories to tell. If you may, I would like to know of your experiences.

People don't know I'm good at

No one knows I'm good at playing the Devil's Advocate. I often challenge the ideas of others and offer constructive criticism not because I disagree but for the sake of strengthening their arguments.

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Benz Muaddid Malik
Posted almost 2 years ago
What is it about asking for help that makes people less willing to ask? Is it easier to just put what you need rather than request it?
From my experience, it's mainly because of our sub-conscience need to be independent. To be superior. To be in control. To have power. When we are asking for help or favors from others, regardless of how they feel about it, we sort of feel that we are in their debt. We feel like we owe them something. I read somewhere that people would like you better if you ask favors from them. I can't remember the exact citation behind that claim but you can take my word for it. It had something to do with making the other person feel that we're inferior and that somehow makes them friendlier towards us. I suppose relying on others has the opposite effect of helping others.