Maja Zawierzeniec

University Lecturer, Polish-Mexican Cultural Association Bocian & Nopal
Warsaw, Poland

About Maja


High-spirited, energetic, creative as well as serious and reliable multilateral language, education, art & culture professional with over 15-year experience, comprising managerial, academic and social skills in a variety of fields related mainly to university education, adult language training, translation, EU project management, artistic activities (amateur movie-making, painting and singing), international event organization and cross-cultural business and art projects, backed up by a conscious and community-oriented life style (vegetarian since 1996, B Rh- blood donor for almost 15 years, recently registered bone marrow donor, enhancing one's own slow life attitude).
Main areas of professional interest: Latin America, China, European Union - transnational cultural and business projects. Current academic postdoc project: interrelations between art and violence in contemporary Mexico.

Areas of Expertise

Mexican contemporary art & literature, Latin American art & literature, Multicultural projects, events & conferences, Language teaching methodology, Literary Translation , Higher education management & leadership, E-learning, Short-movie making & editing

An idea worth spreading

Life is about giving life: through worthwhile personal, professional and cultural activities, and being a local leader fostering awareness, positive thinking, creativity and innovation, while genuinely respecting human values, and living a conscious and spiritual life.

I'm passionate about

Exploring: the world, the senses, the life itself

Talk to me about

...anything I may still not know about - to learn. And about philosophy, literature, social issues, conscious life style, politics, art, movies, literature, leadership - to share opinions.

My TED story

As guileless as it may sound... Life is about conscious dreaming... In early autumn 2013 I dreamed I was speaking at a TEDx. As I woke up, I browsed the page for upcoming conferences in Poland. There was one to be held one or two months later, so I proposed myself as a speaker. I had an honor to be accepted and I spoke about linguistic, cultural and psychological frontiers the society imposes on us at TEDxWarsawWomen 2013. A month later I thought it would be really great to organize a TEDx in Polish, Spanish, and English ... and so I did! The next step: to do it even better the next year, and the following... and never stop to learn and spread creativity and worthwhile ideas!

Favorite talks