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Kendra Hexberg-Fitzwater
Posted 11 months ago
The recent uproar on the letter from TEDx about GMO's, 'food as medicine', and natural healing.
I feel as if most, probably all although I can't read them all, are taking things out of context from the letter, or just flat out ignoring the way things were phrased. I do think that its ok that TED is warning potential speaker organizers that there are wackos out there that are pushing the wrong information. I can't say that I agree that the letter was worded well. I know on first reading I was quite offended that they would say food medicine was pseudoscience, but then I stepped back and read what they were really saying. That isn't something that everyone does which is probably where all of these nasty TED bashing articles are coming from. On topics that I would like people to hear more about, Food medicine and GMO's are definitely two, but I know the reason the topics should be "censored" for a lack of better words. I have done extensive research on GMO's and hold the opposite stance of the general public because I waded through all the muck that is what TED should be trying to avoid.