Tomas Green

Student - B.S. in chemical engineering, Engineers Without Borders
Lynnwood, WA, United States

About Tomas


It wasn't until my senior year that I realized the magnificent potential to use leadership to impact true change in our communities and our world. Serving as the student body president, I gave myself to matters far more important than I had ever known before. I had served on the student council for the preceding three years, but I didn't know the possibilities that went unrealized. One ordinary day, a substitute came to class and inspired me to add a entire new level of meaning to my presidency. Long story short, I organized an Oxfam Hunger Banquet, bringing in speakers from all around the world, and raising money to combat global hunger. It was the culmination to our school's "Care Week", and I presented on the whole process to my peers at my school and at a regional leadership conference, and at a state-wide leadership camp. Seeing my passion and dedication come together to unite people and to help others was truly indescribable. I now hope to do all I can to further my global citizenship, love for people, and inspiration of others. In college, I have become actively involved in Engineers Without Borders, and traveled with them to Bolivia to work on our projects with the indigenous communities there.



An idea worth spreading

There are great instances of oppression and marginalization of women across society and across nations. Men need to take a stand in ending the violence, the abuse, and the domination that seems commonplace in the modern, normalized notion of masculinity. That is why I have become actively involved in the social justice community. I have been given great privilege in my lifetime, and it is my duty as a human to recognize that, and to support and empower those who have not received the same advantages that I have. I believe that just a little bit of consciousness, self-awareness, and critical thought can make a dynamic difference in the reduction of hegemony.

I'm passionate about

Global education and empowerment of women; Solving local, national and global poverty and hunger; Inspiring youth to enact change


University of Kansas

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Tomas Green
Posted about 1 year ago
Benjamin Barber: Why mayors should rule the world
He makes some very solid and legitimate points. But the responsibilities of Mayors are vastly different from those of high leadership. Imagine a conference of Mayors trying to decide on complex issues such as women's right to abortion, the war on drugs, universal healthcare systems, etc. However, I will now look for and be excited by the growth of intercity cooperation and collaboration to work on issues such as environment preservation.