Pavle Djordjevic

Board of European Students of Technology
Nis, Serbia

About Pavle

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An engineer in the making, activist since the dawn of dawns, a courageous introvert with a passion for fresh ideas.


English, German, Serbian

Areas of Expertise

Computer science and engineering, Programming, technology

I'm passionate about

technology, computers, poems, machines, fresh approaches, changes, novels, classical music (both from ye ages olden and new).

Talk to me about

music, human2machine interaction, programming, technological advances

My TED story

Well, I heard about TED a really long time ago. Watched a couple of talks as a good material to annihilate my boredom. That eventually exploded into a full scale addiction. Now, having played a vital part of a team that organized a TEDx event in my home town, I intend to tread on new paths leading to all TED ideas becoming a reality.

Favorite talks