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Myrelie Colon
Posted almost 2 years ago
Is there more that can be done to save a major art institution?
I have to agree with the previous post that it starts with your youth, this is how you build a public. Until you have educated the people to have a finer sense of culture your efforts will not be as efficient. It should start with a group of committed individuals that are willing to work "for the love of the arts". Go to schools, offer a drama or thespian program as an extra curricular activity. Offer free plays, build your audience, create some fans. Approach the church groups and offer coaching for biblical teachings based on theatrical teachings and or choir lessons. Once the public sees an effort in a committed group, the movement usually takes momentum. Organize a dinner (it could be in a church hall or banquet hall) and a play(murder mysteries are usually fun) as a fundraiser kick off for a non-profit org that can responsibly administer the funding.