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Jason Harwell
Posted almost 2 years ago
The survival imperative in evolution - Where does it come from?
Yes, what Mr. Boyd said is almost exactly what I would say. The survival imperative comes from the same place as everything else in biology, evolution and anything else in the universe (the only thing available from which anything can be said to come without introducing the spiritual debate)- fundamental physics. The energy of our Big Bang produces regional self-organization within the overall dominance of entropy (our Big Bang "billowing out" & dissipating as space-time expansion shreds it). Entropy and self-organization into increasing complexity are both means of attaining thermodynamic equilibrium, which is the only imperative at work. Under the right specific conditions, our local energetic system attained a certain level of thermodynamic stability by becoming a self-reinforcing cycle of ever-increasing complexity (life). Such thermodynamic stability was reached in the face of AND due to entropy's dominance; in fact it is the dominance of entropy which actually compels this energetic system to be what it is; leveraging entropy and incorporating it into the very method of maintaining stability; evolution. In summation: It is our local space-time region of energy's need for thermodynamic equilibrium, producing self-organization w/in the dominance of entropy that has led to life & biological evolution. Once life and evolution are explained, the survival imperative is very easy to explain- the answer would just be old-fashioned natural selection. Life with the genetic urge to continue is simply more likely to do so than life w/out. Life w/out the urge dies off and is out-multiplied and out-competed for resources by life with. Thus life with the urge to survive becomes a temporarily successful means of contributing to the thermodynamically stable cycle for energetic regions of earth-like conditions w/in the greater dominance of entropy. Big Bang came from a quantum fluc. being ripped wide by the negative vacuum pressure of surrounding nearest-abs zero. :)