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John Brock
Posted 4 months ago
Bel Pesce: 5 ways to kill your dreams
There are a few very important questions we need to ask ourselves, while being careful not to diminish her hard work and determination; 1. Was there just one equally qualified American that didn't make it into MIT at the same time Bel applied? 2. What is the likelihood that the American would have stayed in America to benefit the nation from within? 3. What is the likelihood that Bel would have been accepted if she was not a member of a foreign minority class? 3. How many MIT and Ivy League foreign graduates utilize the American education system only to leave the country and how many of those graduates are partially or fully subsidized while attending? These are real questions, that have real life, often traumatic impact on numerous applicants annually. If there is one American that has to pay for university or is placed second behind a foreign applicant; that is one too many. Educate (for free) from within first. It's not racism, it's not mean and it's not shameful. It's the right thing to do for our nation. That being said, there's a hidden, beautiful story within this story and that is the story of a human being that always strives to do more and never settles for less; that story trumps MIT any day.