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Coty MacRae-Cullum
Posted about 1 year ago
Is it true that Spanish don't have "sh" sound?
To answer your question, the only time that Spanish speakers need to know how to pronounce the "sh" in "Spanish" is when they are speaking English or another language containing the sound. The Spanish word for Spanish is not Spanish; that is the English word. Depending on where you go, the word for the Spanish language in Spanish is called español (pronounced es-pahn-yol) or castellano (pronounced cahs-tey-yan-o). Castellano is the word for the specific language from the Castille region of Spain; in this school of thought, español can mean any language in Spain or a Spaniard (man from Spain) or something from Spain. However, in some dialects in some places, a sound close to the English "sh" though more closely related to the "ch" appears in some words.