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Posted 7 months ago
We have become such conscious beings that we now over complicate stress which used to be a simple subconscious survival mechanism.
I do not know the history of psychiatry but imagine that someone invented the word stress to remove the stigma of the word 'fear. Stress is fear - fear of looking stupid, fear of failure, fear of heights, fear of starving, fear of being killed... Stress has become medicalised, but fear exists in every species. Humans societies of all faiths and political persuasions have built elaborate systems to pacify their citizens via education and social conditioning - civilisation in other words.... So fear has been reduced ... but what remains is internalised and has no outlet. You only have to look at the trouble-spots around the world today to see how the human animal behaves when fear is allowed to be expressed un-checked. And look at the returning soldiers from war-zones, mentally scarred by PTSD with a catastrophic suicide rate. Their courage - facing their fear and 'doing it anyway' - is expected by everyone else... and yet who honestly could say they could display that level of courage even for one hour? Not many of us I'll bet.