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Glasgow Scotland, United Kingdom

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Louise Hutchison
Posted almost 2 years ago
Are woman in mainstream music good role models for young girls?
I am so thankful for all your comments this is really helping me with my research, I appreciate your opinions! It does anger me that it all just gets spoke about then moved on, it seems that it is never questioned more than it should be that lyrics and sexual content in these songs are music videos are allowed on to be played and viewed online and on TV. It astonishes me that the number one in UK recently ( I am from Glasgow) is or was Jason Derulo's new single "Talk Dirty to me" this does bother me as they charts are counted down during 4-7pm on the radio and young kids are listening to this and wondering what it means and also just repeating and singing the lyrics to their parents and friends which is very disturbing. Who would you say is an inspirational role model in the music industry for young girls to look up to? I have many of my own that inspire and influence myself, but would even like to discover and find out who people believe would be a great role model for young girls to look up to.