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Anchorage, AK, United States

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Born in Madrid Spain on Nov 2, 1957, live in Anchorage Alaska ;Hon Vice-Consul of Spain, married with 2 kids


English, Italian, Spanish

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peace, to learn to live and let live, be tolerant of others

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family, mountains, cultures and people in general

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I am just a regular person trying to make a better world

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roberto gonzalez
Posted about 2 years ago
Are you comfortable with NSA collecting your personal data?
Sure, I have nothing to hide, the problems is what are they going to do with the information they collect, can we truct the government to keep it private? or will they try and sell that information to others? will employers have access to the information collected?, so as you can see is not what information they can collect from me as I said I have nothing to hide but if someone can find out that I have a disease that could be debilitating will I be able to still apply for a job? or life insurance?or I am gay or belong to a religious group or I might be an aceist...will that allow others to discriminate against me?
roberto gonzalez
Posted over 3 years ago
Fill in the Blank - If I knew I could not fail I would ___________ ?
I would bail out the poor and the less fortunate by giving them the money the banks got and let the money "trickle up" since we know that it does not really trickle down I would try a different approach. Trickle up and let the corporations figure out what the people want and need. This approach would give everyone an opportunity to do something for themselves or someone else without being able to blame others for their missfortunes.