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Stuart Lindsay
Posted almost 2 years ago
Could the publication of a persons life for others to read and view, have moral and mental health implications for those followed?
While I agree that there is a degree of self censorship by people in almost all walks of life, such as family photo albums generally only contain the good times, I am more concerned that it is being published to the world. It has been seen many times during history that when a child is followed by the public from a young age, that it can cause a serious pressure on the child to achieve, to live up to the idealized reputation that has formed around them by others. When I read through this article: I became concerned for the children of the future that might have something like this done to them, they are essentially being turned into micro-celebrities. Some of these children will have the willpower to burst the rose-tinted bubble of expectations that is forming around them, but I worry that some won't.