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Christi Lewis
Posted about 1 year ago
How are students educated in schools in YOUR country, where you came from?
I teach elementary school, and (of course) was educated through college (Washington State University and University of Washington). I have been frustrated with the educational system in the United States for a variety of social and structural reasons. Most of all, I have been stunned at how difficult it is to change education (how we teach) even when data indicates that we are failing our students. My great hope for the entire world is found in SOLE (self-organized learning environments). I strongly encourage you to pursue SOLE and research by Sugata Mitra (Ted Talks). I am currently starting a SOLE classroom once a week where I teach and am also seeking advice on how to best document the effectiveness/impact of SOLE on my students. Anyway, check out Sugata Mitra and is on-going research and work around the globe. Good luck on your studies!