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Ashleigh Werner
Posted 11 months ago
Do we judge quitters too harshly?
Perosnally, I think there are some things that need to be quit on - a job that you dont enjoy, a relationship that is causing you harm, or a habit that is worsening your way of life. As an athlete, I have heard this quote uttered from my parents, coach, teammates and managers and in relation to some things, i believe this to be 100% true. If i quit training every time i was tired and if i dropped the weights every time they got heavy, there is no possible way i could ever get better or even hope to succeed, however, if i made the decision to stick with a job that i hated, i could miss out on an opportunity to honestly and amazingly change my life. I think that you have to use your common sense in relation to what to "quit" on and what to stick with. Sometimes not relinquishing something that is long overdue is quitting on yourself, and there is nothing worse than believing you dont deserve better.