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Braulio Acevedo
Posted almost 2 years ago
Projections for the next 20 years
Life as we know it in an evolutionary process. Nothing remains the same. This is a personal view base on knowledge acquired. If you stop and try to eliminate what a man of many word said and quote" Don't let the Chatter distract you". It all makes sense. It is imposible not to accept that today we are at point A and tomorrow we may be at point B or C. It all depends on the individual's focus and choice. You decide to stand still and confide that other(s) will do for you.... so cahnges still occur but whose benefit? I extrapolate that we all must play the role we came into this world to play and not intend to play the role give or pursue by some else. As I was told once, no everyone can be a horse racing Jokey or a Doctor, or a Lawyer, we came to perform a role. So, let us get to it.