Roman Sekerka

Bratislava, Slovakia

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[TEDxBratislava 2010 organization team] ..I'm motivating people to follow their dreams to change the world. I believe in what Chris Anderson said, that world is full of people with potentials, we just dont yet know how to unlock that potential. We need more mentors and passionate people in our lives.


English, Slovak

Areas of Expertise

Problem Solving, Game Design, Motivation, Programming, Children

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following dreams, motivating people, life and goodness

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Anything. I would especially appreciate motivation by seeing other people working hard on making world a better place - it sets my head on fire, making me much more creative and effective.

Comments & conversations

Roman Sekerka
Posted about 4 years ago
Damon Horowitz: We need a "moral operating system"
Try feeling 'good vs bad' when you grow up in bad environment. Are criminals over-thinking their actions? :) No, they are mislead by their emotions. He was talking about this, when he quoted "Evil is done when people dont think enough." It may not be entirely true though. Because too much thinking is not healthy either. I think we need harmony of mind and heart, otherwise we end up in one of the extremes (like ultra-philosophers vs ultra-humanists, or ultra-liberals vs ultra-conservatives) - when we realy need parts of both.
Roman Sekerka
Posted over 4 years ago
What do you think should be the strategy to make every human a citizen scientist?
I think we are naturally curious and creative - you can see it in kids, they spend all their time investigating the world around them. Just let them do what they want. And instead of coercive rules ("you have to", "you should not"), encourage them to find their own preferences and values. This control-freakiness is found in parents, employers, teachers... Imagine the society where "mom believes in you doing the right thing, whatever you do". Boss is more like a curator, leads without power. And teacher is your mentor that's always there for you.