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Jotham Thommy
Posted almost 2 years ago
How to let go of your old/past self
Haha, I know what you mean but a remarkable thing happen. It appears to you in the best way possible individually and becomes permanent. There are times when I felt that my past is going to catch up to me only because I got that idea from someone else. It wasn't my own. There's a saying, yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery and today is the a present that's why most times it's called a gift. Just don't make a living make a life. So, just live for today and no matter how much I thought about the past it really didn't matter cuz I was thinking more about now. Tomorrow is a long way coming. At the end of everything I will meet my friend Death and no matter the time taken I will willingly accept it if it's my time but till then I just want to be happy. It's not tough. It's quite a weight lifted off your shoulders when you realised the things that really matter are in front you. That's how I feel most times. I feel sometimes it's not healthy to plan the future cuz we literally are clueless what's gong to happen and we can't change it's course, so just ride that wave is all i'm saying. If you want to do something just go do it, simple and clear. That's How you meet your goals and expectations and not through expecting what's going to happen. Life is actually very simple, we insist in complicate things and you can't say labels has been that one means. Label this, label that and now everything has a name. wasn't it just man and woman in the beginning now its husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, crush, couple, flirt and it's quite amusing for us to act in a way that seems quite childish. It just doesn't make sense all this, we've change for a species that was once Intelligent, bold, beautiful and remarkably hopeful. We've always survived and prove that everything is possible even with the slightest chance and it was Amazing. And yet we see when we can't see and hear what when you can't here, there is a revolution coming and it's world of peace and love.