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Student , Texas A&M University at Galveston
Sachse, TX, United States

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Dylan Sanderson
Posted almost 2 years ago
Love is overrated.
A friend and I were once talking about this and he believes that the reason people cheat and marriages fail is because the ones in the relationship tend to settle with who they are going to marry and don't truly 'love' the other. They see all of they're peers starting to settle down and decide its time for them to do the same. They developed this idea that people need to get married during they're 20's or 30's instead of waiting for the perfect 'one'. Or maybe they get impatient and just can't wait any longer to claim they're in 'love'. I feel like everyone has multiple 'soulmates' and only a few are lucky enough to find one of them and enter a relationship. With these soulmates true love exists. It's almost as if a lot of people are 'in love with love' and too quick to rush into a relationship.