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Global health and development specialist and author of the international development focused-blog, Blood and Milk and a 2012 TEDbook, What's Killing Us.

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Strategic Information Director, AZ SHIP

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AZ SHIP, AZYH, Tomorrow Global, Blood & Milk

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Nassim Assefi, Pragnya Alekal

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Live From Ted Global

From a floating peepshow to a jaw-dropping medical demo: A recap of Fellows Session 2 at TEDGlobal 2014

October 7, 2014

In Session 2 of today’s Fellows Talks: a waterborne peep show in San Francisco, a triage app that saves lives, the architecture of death, and more! The session starts with Bill “Blinky” Sellanga performing “Usinibore” solo on acoustic guitar. “It was a song I wrote in 2008 in response to the post-election violence,” he says, […]

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Fellows Friday

On origami, Alzheimer’s & kindness: Global health expert Alanna Shaikh rethinks preparing for dementia

August 15, 2014

Global health expert Alanna Shaikh gave an unexpected and moving talk at TEDGlobal 2012, called “How I’m preparing to get Alzheimer’s.” In it, she told the story of her father’s struggle with the disease, and outlined some strategies she’d devised in case dementia struck her later in life, too. The TED Blog was curious: How is her experiment […]

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