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Francis Koh
Posted 8 months ago
Projections for the next 20 years
I was told that Confucius was asked what does a stable government must have in order to continue its rule. He answered - Military, food security and trust. Pressed whether the government could continue its rule with only 2 elements. Confucius said yes with food security and trust. Whatif only one element? Confucius said yes - trust. Without trust the government will fall. Trust is the most abused value today by just about all entities of the society so the projections for the next 20 years - constant and endless conflicts between member entities of the society and between nations. Whilst science and technology will progress by leaps and bounds and the society at large the world over will continue to benefit from the applications, personal freedom and privacy will be compromisedfurther in the name of peace and democracy. Collusion between the rich, priviledged and powerful will distort the fair distribution of wealth and further erode what little trust left. Whilst material gains for masses will continue the mysery index will increase substantially. Towards the ending years of the projections, emergence of even more forceful leaders and messiahs will heigthen the chasm of the society. The UN will become as impotent as ever hijacked by powerful nations for selfish reasons. Regional conflicts between nations will have reached crisis points as diminishing natural resources and natioal interests and hold of pawer to stay in power make the issues insoluble as trust finally disappears. Crackdowns and more crackdowns lead to despair and desperation eventually power comes from the barrel of the gun as trust finally ready to make its exit from the human race -