Ray Butler

Sydney , Nsw, Australia

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Australian born, been here all my life, never left the state. Dropped out of high school, even though I was a solid all round student. I have a mental illness for which I am treated with effective medication. My parents divorced when I was young, I have 2 older sisters, two younger sisters and a younger brother. I did spend time studying the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses, for quite a few years, but it turns out I lack commitment to anything that doesn't allow me to grow beyond "The Box". I smoked Marijuana for about 10 years and got into speed amphetamine for about a year, but managed to kick them both. I am pretty much just a Hermit now, I never really had ambitions or anything like that, I don't know if that is Nihilistic or if I'm weak willed or lazy, maybe just mental. I decided to try my hand at writing, specifically fiction novels, I finished one, which probably needs some work, and started another, two completely different genres. Generally I like to have discussions online or just learn what I can, see how it strikes me or if I can add to it, even just open up directions to explore.



Areas of Expertise


An idea worth spreading

I believe I have a lot of ideas worth spreading, ideas about society and psychology, or rather pseudo-psychology because I have zero qualifications. "Be excellent to each other and...party on dudes" or maybe "Don't start nuthin, wont be nuthin"

I'm passionate about

Learning, discussing and writing.

Talk to me about

Anything, if I don't have an opinion, I'll make one up.

People don't know I'm good at

Pretty much nothing but the 3 passions I listed, so anything within those parameters, I'll give it a shot.

My TED story

I'm a manager on another site and people talk about TED often, so I checked the place out, some solid work going on here, wouldn't mind affiliation. http://www.highexistence.com/

Comments & conversations

Ray Butler
Posted about 2 months ago
Karima Bennoune: When people of Muslim heritage challenge fundamentalism
The Superiority Complex is in us all, I've checked, religion often preys on it but it doesn't create it. Simply by starting a conversation with the word 'Wrong' you have proven you have it, and the condescending tone I am now using is proof I have it, it's unavoidable. The problem is when we do not recognise it for what it is, and therefore let it become damaging, anyone can do that with or without religion. The main problem with religion is that it is organised and often institutionalised, which means a large amount of people combine resources for a common purpose, and if they do not teach discipline over the superiority complex, aka Pride, then the whole lot of them can become dangerous. But I wouldn't blame anything but people for their lack of discipline over it because that just gives them an excuse, and they think it's not their fault then.
Ray Butler
Posted about 2 months ago
Karima Bennoune: When people of Muslim heritage challenge fundamentalism
The superiority complex is in all of us, and our society is not devoid of its impact either. Real Freedom is synonymous with self-control, but being subject to injurious ambition or allowing the mean spirit of others to make you a mean spirit also, these are not an expression of Freedom. The superiority complex is a problem in individuals, only when like-minded people unite they gain greater resources. Quite simple really.