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jess bryant
Posted almost 2 years ago
Why is art (or artistically creative fields) often not taken seriously?
Like a lot of the other comments state, we live in a time where money really drives the world, and unless you are very well connected in the 'artworld- whatever field that maybe in, it is extremely hard to survive. However it is true that the importance of us using our creative side of our brain is a lifesaver and should not be taken lightly, even more so in a heavily money driven world where stress levels are skyrocketing. But using our creative side of our brain does not necessarily mean becoming an 'artist', but understanding how to apply creativity to any subject/profession. Think of all the scientific breakthroughs and the people who envisioned these; this is generally done by thinking out of the box, applying creative thought to what we know and are taught. So the trick is to be proud of whatever you do and apply creativity to this, it should be more encouraged from a young age and parents/teachers should understand just how important utilising creativity is, whether applying creative thought to other subjects or allowing self expression for confidence biulding.