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Hamilton, OH, United States

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Father of three of the most amazing children. Married to my best friend for nearly 30 years. Owner of serial small businesses. High School Umpire and Instructor. Christian.

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Everything is teaching. Everything you do and everything you say and everything you don't do or say teaches someone something about you and the world in which we live.

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Children with Special Needs as my youngest has Turner Syndrome as well as being a survivor of a pre-natal stroke.

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Children with special needs and coaching/umpiring baseball.

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"This is a baseball"

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Bob Phillips
Posted almost 2 years ago
Are young adults today lacking life skills that inhibit them to determine an individual life track?
As a parent of a special needs child as well as two neuro-typical children I am intrigued by the thread in this conversation concerning confidence. Confidence comes from success. Success comes from overcoming failure. We have so aggressively pursued high self esteem in our children that we foolishly defined success as the accomplishment of any goal no matter how small. We have all felt that sinking feeling when we have been praised for doing something that we know was too easy to deserve praise. If we set harder tasks for our children and higher praise for overcoming failures and genltle chiding for choosing tasks beneath our childrens level of capability, we would have children who aspire to greater things. We would have youth that take on tasks of greater importance and invent their own futures instead of trying to decide what to study. I am of an age where it was common to have your first job when you were 13 or 14. That is when I learned from my Dad how to file my taxes. My kids learned that as well when they had their first jobs at 14. I learned to jump start a car when I bought the car I could afford with the wages from the job I got when I was 13. And, those lesson continued then as they do now. I firmly believe that the failure of our children to have a passion to pursue their future is often result of a failure of parents to set a higher bar than just high self esteem.