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Currently studying as a master student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jiro Sagara, in the Integrated Design program at Kobe Design University. The background stems from a bachelor degree in graphic design at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). Concluded the graduation with global average grade 9,56 (in a 010 scale) which was the highest grade among the eight laureates of the Arts and Communication Center at UFPE. The aim of the
graduation project was the development of a digital system that incorporated new trends and technologies of the internet for travelers.

Have worked in the creative industries since 1998. Is a very engaged person, communicative, dynamic, sociable, hard working, decided, gentile, curious, team worker, that looks forward to know about the novelties in design field and is always giving the opinion in the design group discussions.

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Graphic Design, Information Design, Usability & Interaction Design, Design theory, Poetry/Creative Writing, Design methodology

I'm passionate about

Life!! And the crazy human beings around here!!

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Janayna Velozo
Posted over 3 years ago
Clay Shirky: Why SOPA is a bad idea
Jim, you said "It may be nice that lots of people are listening to and enjoying his music and he is popular. But being popular does not put food on his table." That's exactly what is changing right now: how we are making money. In the past the industry built this system of Copyright and the criminality of copying and sharing. The society shaped itself to this system and we all learned how to make a living from it. But things are changing and people are sharing more and more. We don't live in that same society now. It will make a lot of people uncomfortable and maybe even poor, but there's no going back. So, instead of holding on to a dead body, we should be thinking about ways to reshape ourselves in this new society, creating different ways to profit from it. Because life goes on... and we must adapt with it.