Leonardo Carvalho

Product and Project Manager, Stoque Global Services
Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerais, Brazil

About Leonardo


Professional with extensive market experience, graduated in Information Technology (IT) and postgraduated in Logistics. With more than 12 years of experience, many of them dedicated to project, product and marketing management. Developed and implemented project management methodologies in business groups, leading the area, as well as deployed software development processes and corporate marketing processes. Served as Project Manager on several software deployment projects and consultancy in education. After the implementation of the methodology, structured PMO's and developed product manager processes. Acted strongly in structuring digital marketing companies, leading directly the software design and development team, also acting as operations manager of digital agencies. Currently Professor in Educational Institutions as PUC Minas, Faculdade Pitagoras, BI International and Centro Universitario Unis.



Areas of Expertise

Product Managament, Project Maganement , Marketing , Teacher

An idea worth spreading

Share thoughts and knowledge make the other better and inside this virtuous cycle everybody wins.

I'm passionate about

Sharing ideas around the world. Teaching is my hobby, so I can tell many people what I'm doing at work.

People don't know I'm good at

Project Management, Social Talking, Speach and sharing ideas.

My TED story

Since I found the TED storys I've got loved by the idea. Since then I always watch the videos and go to talks. I think sharing an idea is the most important thing in the world. If everybody shares same oif his knowledge, the world would be much more inteligent.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Leonardo Carvalho
Posted almost 2 years ago
Kelli Swazey: Life that doesn't end with death
I really agree with. Here in the West, we have a really different vision of physical death. I think we have too much to learn from the East to became better persons. We´re too much held on physical things that we´re afraid of death, because we´re gonna lose it all. Thanks for sharing your culture with us.
Leonardo Carvalho
Posted almost 2 years ago
What is the most precious thing in your life and why?
I think that my personal values are the most precious thing that I have. I think that personal values it´s what makes the person choices and that´s what makes you stay with others. Every choice and decision that you takes on life, it´s based on your personal values. I think that can´t change. Personal values can be prioritized differently in different moments of your life, but they’ll still there all of your life.