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My name is sheldon Mann i live in Georgia and i am a space enthusiasts. I have had a passion for all things space since before i can remember, I am a computer science major in college and plan on using my degree to mankind exploration and discovery of the universe. I recently came to a realization that i may be wasting my young stuck inside a classroom, Im at the point in my life now were i want to travel and meet other indiviuals like myself who share a passion for space and the drive to understand it.

Areas of Expertise

Space, aliens, and all that good stuff

An idea worth spreading

I think an idea worth spreading would be, promoting the interest of space exploration to young people. Being a young person myself I find that not many people my age share my love of the stars and have no drive to explore and find that the saddest thing in the world.

I'm passionate about

SPACE. I love all things space weather it's stars, the planets, or the moons that surround them.

Talk to me about

The universe. We van discuss recent discovers to past breakthroughs that paved the way for were we are now.

People don't know I'm good at

Writing short stories. I rarely share my work with many people and and the work I have shown i have submitted under false names but the stories would still go on to win awards.

My TED story

My TED story would be one of relief. Im sure you can understand that being from the south and living in a place were space exploration falls by the wayside iv never really been able to share my ideas with many people. But after finding TED and falling in love with every single person on this i felt that i had finally found a place that i can truly be myself and not have someone looking at me and not knowing what im talking about.

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sheldon mann
Posted about 1 year ago
The colonization of Mars vs. solving the problems at home
If the human race expects to evolve and continue to grow we must got to mars. If we spend all our time sitting on the earth and trying to solve every problem and create a perfect planet were no one his hurt and no one goes hungry we will be on this planet till the end of time. If we want to solve the problems of earth we must leave this planet not because we need mars as a new planet and just abandon the earth all together, because if we leave the earth in this generation it will give our children something to strive for it will give them heroes and people to be like and eventually be better than and advance our civilization more both on earth and mars.