John Kmetz

Interco Trading
Saint Louis, MO, United States

About John


I'm a recent college graduate of SIUE. I live in downtown Saint Louis, just a 15 minute walk to the Arch. I am the type of person who is always evaluating my actions and the actions of others. I like continues improvement of gaining new insight. I enjoy helping people and feel the best way to improve your life is though the improvement of others.



Areas of Expertise

Marketing, Metal Buying, sales, Youtube Viewing, TED

An idea worth spreading

Fake it till you become it!- I have been spreading this idea for a while now. I really enjoy the video by Amy Cuddy and the idea of how your body language can change who you are and the perceptions and actions of others around you.

I'm passionate about

Im a foody, lover of dogs, helping the homeless, TED, This American Life, and Radio Lab.

Talk to me about

Social and Life Science, new ideas- big or small, I want to talk about the taboo subjects and problems people don't want to address.

People don't know I'm good at

Brainstorming and giving great ideas. I am very good at having in depth conversations and enjoy doing so.

My TED story

I have been watching TED videos for 4 years now and have only seen great impact on my life and the others around me. I am constantly finding videos which relate to my friends and family, therefor I send them clips all the time. -john-