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Millstone Township, NJ, United States

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Harvey Engelhardt
Posted 10 months ago
What issues should the U.S. Congress be addressing/prioritizing to prepare for a changing United States as we progress toward 2050?
As to the question of what issues Congress should be addressing, i think the question truly is what issues should American citizen / customers be addressing. Congress does represent or work for us as should all governments work for their citizens. Otherwise, why do we need them, what good are they? Rhetorical to some degree. I absolutely see a real strong need for prioritization of objectives by our society. I will speak to our American one in this moment. I see priorities of American citizens as follows: 1- Implementing term limits of 8 years max for all federal, state, local, city, dog catcher's within these here United States. No more lifetime guarantees for politicians and their benefits. This can eliminate corruption, nepotism, promote true political theory and move us forward on everything else once we have regained integrity within the political sphere. 2- In the same light as #1, remove ALL monies from politics. Replace political funds with a government provided identical amount for each candidate to use as they see fit, whether at the federal, state or local level. The goal is to eliminate ALL specific lobbying for the powerful few which currently overshadows the good of the whole or the many. 3- Invest wisely in education throughout society, focusing obviously on the lower and middle. Just imagine if we truly could educate and motivate 20 - 30 million currently unproductive citizens. I see this being done by gathering the brightest 1,000 educators and hammering out a better way to spend the billions we seem to be wasting with insufficient change apparent over the last several decades. 4- Invest wisely in infrastructure and environment. The objective here is to both update existing infrastructure that is in need of repair AND invest in future long term infrastructure related to global warming and earth changes. We have to invest now to protect the shorelines of our large cities so that our children and grandchildren will be safe.