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Dina Nour
Posted about 1 year ago
The other side of mental conditions: Can they have a positive side?
yes i think they are creative and have a positive side. many times i felt depressed and sad .. it took some time to cry or think about all bad things around me .. bad sitiuations bla bla .. but at a point i start to think how to refresh my mind or how to find solutions for myself to recover my sadness.. and to recover my case it requires creativity .. so i think ppl with depression have a posistive side.. bipolar disorders they already have times where the curve of hapinness is very high and same for the sadness ..and i think they are creative too to find solutions to help themselves and same for ppl with schizo. this is my opinion ..and i think we should help them to find their way to be cured because they knew well what they want ! they just want to be happy and relaxed from their war with themselves from these diseases.