Julie DAY

Orchestrator, Julie Day & Associates (JD&A)
Santa Rosa, CA, United States

About Julie


Donating to worthy causes while promoting music and performance. Causes include: The Home-less/House-less, Our Climate, Services for Brain Injury, & Children's Hospice/Johnny's Angels. Associates are Dedline, Bob Hausler, Terry Burdette, Grant Duncan, Billy Playle, T-Dawn, Zahid Bashar Pankaj, and more. Releases from JD&A Music! include: Wild Heart by Top Musicians in varying genres, with 100% of proceeds going to Services for Brain Injury; and Riding Highways by Billy Playle and Julie Day which is a 5 track album. Riding Highways is made up of Engaging Songs with Strong Insights into the World of Homelessness. 80% of the proceeds from Riding Highways will benefit the house-less in shelters and programs of which Julie Day was part while she was without housing.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Collaboration and team development, Music Composing/Song Writing, Social Media, not for profits, Fund Raising, Performance and image, Market & Brand Strategy, Online Advocacy, Communicaion skills, Education & Development