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Chris Gewirtz
Posted almost 2 years ago
Are young adults today lacking life skills that inhibit them to determine an individual life track?
Immersing yourself and OJT are not the same thing. In fact, that's kind of the opposite. OJT is someone teaching you how to do something, and the attitude of immersion is figuring out whether you are doing something for the "right" reasons before being told how to do it. Immersion is a balance between doing something that can be appreciated by the general populace, and doing something not just because the general populace wants you to do it. We don't just need sharper analytical skills (though they couldn't hurt, unless the person used them to avoid immersion as can actually be the case), we need to realize that the rules of the world we were born into cannot dictate our lives perfectly, and that those rules can be broken once they are well known. You might immerse yourself in acting (this is basically the example used by Ken Robinson in his talk) and still contribute to what the OP might recognize as a "higher purpose." People always have the opportunity to immerse themselves in life (being living people) - it's their attitude towards what they do and why they do it that is unique to today's technological society.