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Mark Horton
Posted about 1 year ago
Are we making ourselves redundant?
Hi Leon Your thoughts are in the right direction. If you read a bit, you will find the issue has been under deep discussion for centuries. Especially since Karl Marx, who made people much more aware that alternatives to the current system are possible, even if his own version didn't work out so well. In fact the threat of revolution caused the capitalists to move more to the left, becoming slightly more socially responsible and less enslaving,so in that sense, he did some good. Since the current system is clearly failing to deliver to a significant portion of the population, more changes are required, however there is little consensus on how this should be achieved. I am working on some radical ideas, and hope to spend more time on them next year. Either you are in life's hamster wheel, or out of it, and when you are in it, you can't stop for breadth.