Marco Tavanti

Chair, International Public Service, DePaul University - Chicago
Chicago, IL, United States

About Marco


Dr. Marco Tavanti is an international sustainable development professional and scholar. He chairs the International Public Service graduate program at DePaul University and he is a Tenured Associate Professor in the School of Public Service. As President and Chairman of the World Engagement Institute (WEI) and the Sustainable Capacity International Institution (SCII) he provides leadership and worldwide trainings in the area of anti-human trafficking and sustainable human security. He teaches graduate courses in global leadership ethics, international sustainable development, INGO management, and participatory poverty assessment. He coordinates various international community development and poverty alleviation projects with indigenous organizations in Latin America and with urban communities in Southeast Asia. He has more than 25 years of experience directing and consulting for poverty alleviation and sustainable development projects with UN agencies and NGOs in East Africa, Latin America and South East Asia. His research on system thinking provides integrated and sustainable approaches to leadership, intercultural relations and international development.

Areas of Expertise

Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) Specialist, International Sustaibable Development, Human Security , Intercultural & Crosscultural Communication

An idea worth spreading

When addressing issues like global poverty most people and organization choose a persona approach, a charity response or an assistance response. However, these are not sufficient unless linked and integrated with a systemic approach that encompasses interpersonal, inter-organizational and inter-institutional collaborations, partnerships and policies. My academic and professional careers is devoted at providing systemic solutions to the issues of global poverty and human insecurity.

I'm passionate about

International sustainable development, indigenous human rights, international public service, cross-cultural communication

Favorite talks