Jen McClellan

interdependent consultant, Ecology of Design in Human Systems
Thousand Oaks, CA, United States

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Go outside.

Areas of Expertise

I have approximate knowledge of many things

An idea worth spreading

Physics, life, really goes beyond words or numbers. Everything is moving at light speed. Tiny vibrations. Everything is connected. Everything goes in circles. Everything is in and of itself because of what it's made up of and what it makes up.
You cannot separate yourself from this moment. You cannot pause time and step out of it. It cannot get away from you. These are false perceptions.
We are changing the way we use language now. We are connecting the subatomic to the immeasurably large, pulsating, last breath of space's edge. It doesn't stop. It never began.
We've measured our interdependence for far too long and in enough different ways to disillusion ourselves now.

Use the force, basically, is what I'm saying.

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Action. Connecting. Positive creation. Defying gravity.

People don't know I'm good at


My TED story

Thoughts manifest in reality.
I watched the TED talk on power posing.
I sent links.
We did an experiment.
It spread.
EVERYONE was power posing for at least a month there.
It works.
The more people believe in it the better it works too.
It could be completely made up.
It doesn't matter.
The capability of the human mind is incredible!

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