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Bill Rataezyk
Posted almost 2 years ago
Can racism truly be eliminated?
It seems to be part of "being human" that we look for someone, anybody, that we can claim to be inferior. This tendency seems to have developed in social evolution, in that we tend to group in such a way as to always have a minority we can look down upon, or blame for all the short comings of our society. So long as we feel this need, either personally or societally, some form of superiority, be it racism, intellectualism, classism, or most any ism, will always out. Although there are some that see racism, or would like to see it, as an American affliction, all you need do to get past this silly contention is look at Africa to see nonwhite involved genocides, racism and other stupidities occurring everyday. For the time being, there is racism and it will continue until there is some real inclusionism, a belief that it is better for me to see others as at least equal to me in value in my society and life. Until then, the dog will get kicked.