Joanna Schneier

Consultant, Third Space Creative
Brooklyn, NY, United States

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With more than ten years experience in media production and development, Joanna Schneier has built an international reputation while serving universities, nonprofits, and publicly traded companies including K12 Inc., Middlebury College, PowerSpeak, The Ford Foundation, Rutgers University, WarnerBlu, and CrowdGather Inc. From project management of a multi-million dollar children’s language learning curriculum to producing educational videos for New York University, Ms. Schneier has focused on fostering strong collaborative relationships in both educational and corporate settings. She has also served as a consultant for distinguished nonprofits in the field of human trafficking, including SAIS, Eisha L’Eisha, and USAID.


English, Hebrew

Areas of Expertise

Design, painter, researching, advocating, entrepreneuring solutions, Research, editing, project management, language and presentation, Video Editing, feminism, human trafficking

An idea worth spreading

Develop an online program for adults wanting to return to school who don't have the basic math skills they need to transition into a new career.

I'm passionate about

Engaging people to ask questions about how the world works and what they can do to improve it. I am passionate about humans being a part of the world's ecosystem and not the focus of it.

Talk to me about

Education reform, media, marketing, design, small business, my kids and life in New York.

Comments & conversations

Joanna Schneier
Posted over 1 year ago
What would you do for the world with $1 million?
I would develop an online math program for people wanting to go back to community college to get new job skills in the US. Math is one of the biggest reasons people drop out of community college and it is holding back people being able to shift careers during the recession. Ideally the program would be called “Math In Real Life” and it would teach real-life application of math as well as giving them skills to pass the courses they are taking.
Joanna Schneier
Posted about 3 years ago
Is Salman Khan's idea of incorporating video in education the key to solving existing budget cuts? Is it learner friendly? Differentiated?
I can't answer all of your questions but I do know quite a bit about costing for production of videos for classrooms. What would the cost be to incorporate video education or online course work? The costs depend on several factors: 1. Production Quality. Are you going to just have a teacher in their classroom speaking into a camera or do you plan on incorporating animation/actors into the course. 2. Are you creating a new curriculum? If so the costs can be quite high because you are essentially creating an online textbook. 3. Is the video course intended to replace a teacher completely or to complement the teacher? If it is just going to complement the teacher then the costs are obviously lower. From my experience video is never free because it takes time and skill to put them together. That said it can be very cost effective because they can be used again and again for most subjects. What grade levels could we target? In my opinion, and from experience, the ideal grades to target are junior high/high schools. I personally think that video could be an ideal way for schools to expand what courses they offer. (i.e. AP courses)