Cyriac Mathews

Thiruvananthapuram, India

About Cyriac


Was teaching economics in various Government Colleges of Kerala.During the last years of my formal teaching career,I was Principal of University College,Thiruvananthapuram.I retired as Dy.Director of Collegiate Education,Government of Kerala.I live in Thiruvananthapuram,at Kowdiar,with my wife and children.

An idea worth spreading

Nationalism is great concept.But I feel the spirit of patriotism has not been internalised by the generality of Indians.I cherish an idea whereby the younger generation can be brought together as one people.We have to have a day of national celebrations-not a holiday-when little children do take part in activities that conform to patriotic sentiments;yet not transcending the cultural/religious diversities(such diversity is at the heart of Indian nationalism.

I'm passionate about

Teaching is my passion.I love scholarly lectures and am interested in listening to orators