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Non Plum
Posted almost 2 years ago
What is the bond that holds a community together? If woven properly, how can this common bond positively change the world?
The usual bond is dependency with role play learned by habit and deviance enforced out by violence. The coercion acts on fear of pain, and fear of loss of the resource upon which dependency has formed. This equates to the main-stream adversarial system of contractual relations. To 'weave' this bond 'properly', means to decentralize the use of coercion according to principles agreed across the tribe. The basic rules of deliberative assemblies, put in place by force, allow contracts to be formed with as good as possible incoming information. Differing opinions needs must be defined and separated before Juntas form to silence opposition in the name of 'acuerdo'. The classic example, in English, is Roberts Rules, once used by the US Congress. In time direct democratic process may allow greater mutual benefit, with less emotion invested in mutual violence, more in production. In reality, the soldiers must be taught democratic process. The beliefs of he who points the gun influence who the corpses and future decision makers will be. The basics of direct Democracy are: The group has 8 or more persons, each person may speak for an agreed time, (3 minutes), interruptions are over-ruled by force, ( loud noises). Legitimate interruptions follow an order of priority; Security of the meeting, Health of the meeting, Security issues concerning the information being discussed, Education,(calls for written details), Protocols for handling the debate, (recess, etc), and Protocols for handling the current theme. Outcomes may go to a memory store in the current meeting or to further research and debate outside the current meeting, or a decision may be made, pending security clearance at the meetings conclusion. Responsibilities for duties are appointed by the same meeting process, with a vote. All authority comes from the meeting, and is valid only until the next meeting: (1 week) Viva la Revolution