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Yelim Youm
Posted almost 2 years ago
Why is it that classical music is now ignored by the majority of society?
Because music, as all art does, reflects our society and our culture. Right now, the relatively new genres of electronica and such reflect our society's overwhelming use of electronic devices. There are new methods of creating music now, where centuries ago in Europe, musicians had only strings, woodwinds, or percussion instruments available to them. Over centuries and millennia, it's true that many forms of music have probably disappeared. So have many forms of art. But I don't this this is something to be mourned. If anything, it's something to be celebrated. Would we want to live in a static society, one that never changes, never improves, never succeeds, never fails? No, of course not. Our changing styles of music reflects the dynamic nature of our culture. There is no such thing as a style of music necessary to forming a well-balanced student. There is only change.