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Misha Glenny
Posted almost 4 years ago
Misha Glenny: Hire the hackers!
Hi, Misha Glenny here. While I am happy to accept criticism, I have to refute in the strongest possible terms your assertion that I might have completely invented RedBrigade. I have interviewed this person at length face-to-face on more than one occasion, and there can be no doubt about their credentials. As with my previous book McMafia, the bullk of the research for DarkMarket on which this talk is partially based lies in extensive interviews with people previously or actively involved in criminal activity - these were not script-kiddies. You will see if you read DarkMarket that I do address click fraud, phishing, ddos's and a lot more but you would be surprised how much you have to cut out for an 18-minute talk. The Chinese Government (more specifically the PLA) makes little attempt to hide the use of its hackers who are part of its 'netizen army.' I am not calling for the introduction of 'incentives' (by which I presume you mean coercive methods). On the contrary, I am looking for solutions that are appropriate to 'enlightened' Western democracies, such a proper programme of rehabilitation for convicted hackers, especially those who demonstrate some form of spectrum disorder. Increasingly, the strategy is too impose ever more punitive sentences on hackers (see the White House's latest cybercrime strategy). Criminal Justice Systems are supposed to be about integrating wrong-doers as well as punishing them. We seem to be moving away from that in IT. And in response to Robi Sen, I never assert anywhere that only I have communicated with Anonymous - that is nonsense.