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Tsultrim Tenzin
Posted almost 2 years ago
The teaching of kindness, compassion and empathy.
Hi Leslie, I believe the idea of kindness, compassion and empathy have to be molded through experience and is rather difficult teaching in a sense of disciplining one to feel and act towards those feelings. For me personally, my parents kindness and compassion that brought me up through these Twenty years have molded me to the individual I am today. It's not a process or act that can be defined as teaching. These are emotions and feelings learnt through experience. Realizing the power of feelings are what shapes an individual to be kind and compassionate as well as show empathy. When you extend kindness to others, it not only affects the counterparts happiness but acts as a self-enriching process which is very much enjoyable and self-gratifying. So in essence if you want to teach kindness, compassion and empathy. Do it through actions and not reasons.