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Nat K
Posted almost 2 years ago
How do you balance living practically, with reaching for your dreams? How much does material gain matter, realistically?
Mary, you definitely can do anything and be anything in this life. Doesn't matter what your background is. Plus, as I understand, you are citiizen of a great country where you can get good education, also without a loan! It isn't easy, but feasible and this is a real chance. Trust me, many people in other places would give anything to be in your place. Just my story cut short: I grew up in one of the Soviet Repoubliks, in the 90s all went down the hill, my parents lost all their savings etc. etc. I even remember we didn't have enough to eat at times plus imagine very cold winters and the heating was very very expensive. What saved my family was our optimism and being one family, but also and most importantly the expertise of my highly educated parents. Their expert advice did not bring them wealth at later point, but a lot of respect from the community. My family has always been very proud of all the education most of my nuclear family members could pursue and this is my point here, particularly for a girl: Get your education sorted. I left the country when I was 17. I arrived in Germany with little money in my pocket and no friends or family. And I made it. I never took the loan. I got scholarships, got my MA, live and work in London now, got a nice property with my partner. But the material things are by no means the most important in my life. My travels and scholarships abroad were the most valuable experiences in my life. These experiences shaped me. I've travelled most of my life and this is who I am. It doesn't have to be the recipe for you. But it does help a lot if you are independent as a woman. This will give you a freedom to make the best decisions for yourself. Keep us posted;)