Arun Sathiya

R & D Head, BigBodhi Academy
Coimbatore, India

About Arun


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Dependable, Adaptable, Committed to Work, Time-Conscious with Excellent Leadership Qualities. Seeking Excellence through Performance.
Graduation/Diploma Institution From To % Marks
Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering Dr M.G.R Educational and Research Institute (Dr M.G.R University) – Chennai. 2007 2011 First Class 84%
Higher Secondary School - HSE Private 2005 2007 51%
Secondary School - SSLC NKM Hr Sec School 2004 2005 61%

Job Title Company From To Role
Robotics Trainer BigBodhi Academy-Coimbatore 1st-Feb-13 Till date Instructor, Research & Development.

Jr. Research Associate Robotix Lab Research Academy-Chennai Jun-2012 Jan-2013 Research & Development, Robotics Designer
Data Analyst Ivesta Teechnologies March-2012 Jun-2012 QC, XML, Epub
Engineer Trainee EESA Fabricator (P) Ltd Jun-2011 Feb-2012 BHEL Supervisor, Asst Engineer.
Programming Languages
Embedded C, Wiring Language, XML, HTML, VERILOG
Operating Systems
Windows XP, Vista, 7
ATMEGA 16,328p, 64, AT89SXX Series, Pic 16FXX Series and 8051
Technical Skills
MATLAB/SIMULINK, Arduino, Keil μvision.3 , Eagle PCB 6.0v, MULTISIM 11.0, LEGO Mindstorms NXT, Microsoft Robotic Studio, WorkSpace 5.0v, MP Lab, Rock SIM, MP Lab.
Program Name Venue
Participated in EDUCATORS DAY’12 Conducted by NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS Chennai Trade Center-Chennai,
Best Paper Award on “BEAM Robotics” ELECOM’09 at Dr MGR University Chennai.
Participated in PROJECT EXPO’11 “Autonomous Pick and Place Robot for Stroke Patients-Cybernetics” PROJECT EXPO’11 at Dr MGR University-Chennai.
In Plant Training in Embedded System NCCT Ltd, Chennai.
In Plant Training Doodharshan Kendra, Chennai.
Participated in District Level Science’05 Exhibition “Bomb Squad Robot” At Little Flower Convent Hr.Sec School- Ranipet, Vellore Dist.
2nd Place in Science Exhibition in Inter School level’05 “ Hydraulic Lift in Car Station” At Sri .T.T.D Vemkateswara Hr.Sec School-Vellore.

I. Autonomous Pick and Place Robot For stroke Patients (Cybernetics)
Role: Designer and Team leader
This project is by sensing the neurons signals from the nervous system of the brain the arm works. ATMEGA64 which plays the role of the brain of this pick and place robot. With help of the microcontroller, it divided the each small role to make the pick and place robot possible. This includes the image processing sensor to detect the objects and infrared sensors to detect the line along the path, the servo motors which control the movement, arm and the gripper to pick and place the object. The robot is based on a permanent platform which can be placed on an edge of the patient bed.

2. SEBO (Hotel Server Robot)
Role: Designer and Technical Support
This project is a butler bot which can take order from customers in a table and goes back to kitchen room carries the food and deliveries to the same customer who ordered food. It’s a semi autonomous robot which has obstacle sensors, with voice interaction. And I was team member in R & D of butler robot project which has advance features like touch screen, Interaction, Self balancing technique, nutrition logy which gives suggestion for health care taker. Once if its charge is down it can automatically goes to the charging point and charge itself.
3. Snake Robot
Role: Designer and Technical Support
This project is an ambient robot which can travel in all terrain surfaces; it’s a basic step of making a rescue robot in disaster management like earth quake and also for military purposes.
4. Haptic Robotic Arm
Role: Designer and Technical Support
It’s a robotic arm with haptic technology having 4 DOF (degree of freedom) capable of lifting 250 gms. This project involves force sensors which can detect the force which is applied on it, haptic arm robot which is built for paralysis patient those who can’t getup from bed by this arm they can make some most priority works easier.

5. Human Finger Robot
Role: Designer and Technical Support
This project involved how human finger works and how they are adaptive to environment. Initially this project is the basic step of making a humanoid robot in future. With connection strings with 10 servo motors has degree of freedom of 15 which resembles like human hand…
Comprehensive problem solving abilities, excellent verbal and written communication skills, ability to deal with people diplomatically, willingness to learn team facilitator and able to adapt oneself to new surroundings to make suitable change so as to fit new conditions.


English, French, Tamil

Areas of Expertise

robotics - all things robotics, Matlab and Simulink, Pic microcontroller assembly language programming, Robotics, Automation, Manufacturing, Arduino Development, Embedded C, Aeromodelling, Embedded Control Systems

I'm passionate about

Passionate in Robotics from childhood, much interest in designing robots and mechanics, eager in programing side and development