Tom Ross

Dana Point, CA, United States

About Tom


Tom Ross is the Creative Director for Entercom, one of the largest broadcast companies in the United States. As such, he's created identities and integrated campaigns for dozens of stations, label partners and artist from Taylor Swift to Foo Fighters as well as hundreds of television commercials and videos for its broadcast properties. Before joining Entercom over a decade ago his design client anthology included Microsoft, IBM and the rock band Styx. As a Creative Consultant he's given visual voice to organizations like the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute and Sir Bob Geldof's YouBloom musicians' network. Ross was one of the youngest people appointed to the California Department of Consumer Affairs by that state's governor. On the national level, he was the Private Sector Co-Chair nominee for the Media and Information Technology Policy House Subcommittee where he testified, as a Director of Marketing in the Internet sector, in favor of Anti-Spam legislation citing Permission Marketing techniques as preferable and more effective. This background and his academic award-winning research into Cognitive Styles and Group Dynamics lend scientific support for his talk entitled "Open Source Mode". With personal and professional anecdotes he exposes the inherent flaws in our "Creative Processes" and provides specific and strategically inclusive activities that can make new ideas and solutions emerge faster.

Areas of Expertise

Creative & Innovation Strategies, Cognitive Style & Group Dynamics, Recording Artist/Producer, Film Director/editor

An idea worth spreading

Open Source Mode: Toward Strategic Inclusivity.]

I'm passionate about

The Creative Ethos, Music, Design Theory, Cognitive Style and Group Dynamics

Talk to me about

Corporate Identity, Cognitive Styles and Team Building, Brand Design Theory, The Creative Ethos vs. The Creative process

People don't know I'm good at

Strategy and Organization. I'm often pegged as the "creative guy" which is great but it does tend to exclude me from groups until it comes time to "pretty things up" despite my systems design skills.

Favorite talks