Harold Bell

Suitland, MD, United States

About Harold


Harold K. Bell (a sports talk show and community pioneer)
Early life
Harold Bell was born on May 21, 1938 to Alfred and Mattie Bell, Brooklyn, NY in Kings County Hospital. He is a 4th generation Washingtonian. His Great-Grand father Alfred Johnson Tyler laid the first brick to build Mt. Airy Baptist Church in NW Washington, DC in 1893. The Tyler House a low-income residence for senior citizens is named after his Great-Uncle the Rev. Earl Tyler. He grew up in a NE housing project and was a product of the DC Public schools, Nevel Thomas Elementary, Brown Middle School and Spingarn High School. He graduated from Fairmont Heights High School in Fairmont Heights, Maryland in 1959. He continued his on-going education at Winston-Salem State University in Winston-Salem, NC.
In 1964 he returned home from college to DC and took a job as a Neighborhood Worker for UPO a self-help organization aka United Planning Organization. His co-workers were the late legendary radio personality Petey Green and black Militant, H Rap Brown.
In 1967 he took a job with the DC Recreation Department elite Roving Leaders

An idea worth spreading

During my on air broadcasting days I use to close out every show with "Every black face you see is not your brother and every white face you see is not your enemy." There was President Richard Nixon, Red Auerbach, Bert Sugar, Angelo Dundee and host of others who taught me that important lesson. The best advice my grandmother ever gave me was to always tell the truth, she said "A lie will change a thousand times but the truth never changes." The most dangerous people are not those who commit the crimes. The most dangerous are the ones who sit and watch and say nothing.

I'm passionate about

Children and giving back. I learned early in life (church and high school) that when you help others you help yourself. One of my biggest assets and liabilities, telling the truth.

Talk to me about

The Game Called Life! The most important game being played in my community is the game called life. It is not football, basketball or baseball. Our children are fouling out at record rates.

People don't know I'm good at

Listening. My high school coach Dave Brown use to tell the naysayers all the time about what a great listener I was. In the end I was going to do it my way because I was a risk taker.

My TED story

It has been often said that a black man was needed in the home to raise a black child. My father was a "Dead Beat Dad and Rolling Stone." My heroes were all black women starting with Grandma Bell, Mommy B and a host of aunts and cousins. My grandmother and mother raised 4 black men. My older and late brother Robert was a U. S. Marshall for 20 years, Earl was the middle brother was a MP and heavyweight Boxing Champion while serving in the U.S. Army before joining the DC Police Department. He obtained the rank of Sgt. before a tragic automobile accident on the way to work in 1988 ended his career. He has been wheelchair bound and now resides in a nursing home. My younger brother William died several years ago. He had a drug problem but got his act together and became a pretty good photographer. I talked boxing promoter Don King into hiring him. The backbone of the family was Grandma Bell. My mother spend almost 30 years in a mental hospital, grandma was there--she was the rock

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